Project and service audits

Our approach to auditing is to provide an impartial and objective review of the current delivery of services and operations across a project, by evaluating performance against service and specification objectives.

We have considerable experience of compliance checks against corporate and statutory standards and best practice, to identify tangible improvements across individual services and projects.

Our detailed knowledge of projects and what works in practice assists us in providing technical support to measure both performance and the development of an audit trail and a process of improvement for our clients.

Benchmarking and market testing

Trafalgar FM can manage the whole process of value testing and benchmarking services, whether they are from a contractual requirement or the development of an operational cost data basis.

This can include specific hard and soft services and project FM and Lifecycle costs.

Our experience is gained from live operational projects thereby providing a robust and detailed approach to risk management and best practice.

Performance monitoring

Our knowledge of projects and what works in practice assists us in providing technical support and advice to our clients on the management of performance monitoring against contract requirements, and how this operates in line with the project payment mechanisms.

We have considerable experience of developing the interface between CAFM systems, Payment Mechanisms and Operational Requirements.

Our approach enables all parties to achieve mutually agreed objectives to the benefit of all.

Due diligence

Trafalgar FM provide a comprehensive due diligence service based upon expertise gained in the bidding, management and operation of PFI/PPP and Traditional FM projects.

Our approach is tailored around the carrying out an overall review of the output requirements, followed by a commercial cost analysis of the project costs and risks, including assessing the supply chain and the service delivery structure.

Our project reports are tailored to each client’s specific requirements, but will usually identify the commercial risks, operational deliverability and performance of a project and areas for improvement.

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