Bid Management

Trafalgar FM has considerable experience of working with a number of blue chip organisations to provide bid management support, and deliver successful closure of these projects.

This bid management support has included projects within the Education, Healthcare, Social Housing and Commercial sectors through both Traditional and PFI/PPP procurement routes.

Subject to our client’s requirements, we can provide the complete bid management support on a specific project, or we can work alongside an existing bid team to provide strategic support in specific areas.

Method Statements

In the bidding and tendering process Trafalgar FM identify the needs and requirements of both project and the client, and will match them through the development of comprehensive method statements and service delivery proposals for each section of a tender document.

This process of method statement development is carried out at each stage in close consultation with the client organisation and its internal stakeholders.

Trafalgar FM will work with the client to identify the key drivers of each project and ensure that the method statements are developed and adapted to comprehensively meet these requirements.

FM Cost modelling

Trafalgar FM has extensive experience of the development from first principles of FM cost models including a detailed understanding of risk transfer, TUPE and the commercial issues in developing a robust cost model that reflects each party’s interests and stands the test of time over the commission.

In the current climate best value is a key driver, and where possible Trafalgar FM will identify tangible project savings and efficiencies for the client.

Lifecycle modelling

As a company we offer a detailed approach to the development of lifecycle models for each individual project.

These are based on both our operational experience in managing projects over a number of years as well as our detailed knowledge of products and materials and their actual life expectancies.

In addition to developing models we provide a process of continuous assessment of existing project lifecycle models, to ensure that the management and performance of the project reflects the anticipated activities set out in the model.

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